Our Firm develops, for more than 30 years, moulds and models for the concrete industry.

We achieve moulds for concrete prefabrication working with vibration or projection, with traditional concrete, CCV, DUCTAL, or recontituted stone...

our firm activity includes the fabrication of wooden moulds, polyurethan, silicon, polyester moulds, matrix and eslastomere envelops.

New 2008-2009:

A 5 axis CNC for hign volume: 4800 x 2600 x 1200 ht mm.

High level software. An artistic conception software.

The possibility of realizing quite typical of reliefs or textures, from photos or from a relief that we can scan you in 3D.

Our Advantages:

  • 30 years experience in the moulds domain
  • A Known-How and technics robusts and well controlled
  • The use of various material in order to comply with the customer needs
  • Short fabrication delay


Our last projets:

We achieve a 5 x 6 meters model, presenting an advanced relief, realized by unpredictable triangular facets. This model allowed to pour polyuréthanes matrix used on a construction site.

Here is a part of the model: